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The annual meeting of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine
Founded in 1985, the European Union ofNuclear Medicine (EANM) is a European non-profit medical association fornuclear medicine that promotes science education in nuclear medicine.On October 12-16, 201...
The annual International Conferences on Radionuclide Therapy (14th ICRT)
The 14th International Conference onRadiopharmaceutical Therapy was held in Nanjing. This conference On August21-25, 2019. The conference have several subject,  including the integration of diagn...
SNMMI 2019 ANNUAL Meeting
The American Society for Nuclear Medicine...
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Huayi Isotopes Co.(HIC), the subsidiary of Huayi Technology Co., Ltd., was established in summer 2002 At present, HIC is a leading Oxygen-18 manufacturer with an annual production capacity of over 150 kilograms. HIC also supplies total solution for

the production of PET imaging agent, including precursor, reagent kits, cassettes, sterile vacuum vials and accessories for most of the existing synthesizers.

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