KT-811-2 FDG mini SPE hydrolysis Cassette for Mini-AIO

  • The KT-811-2 FDG mini SPE hydrolysis Cassette was designed for FDG production on miniAIO Synthesizer.
  • The above mentioned product conforms to the Trasis’s document “001197”.
    Performance of this product has been validated in accordance with applicable Huayi procedures.
    Assembly was carried out in a clean room.
    Stability: 18 months from date of manufacturing.

  • Handle, transport and store all chemicals with care, avoid inhalation, ingestion, eye and skin contact.

  • Manufactured according to requirements of cGMP, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.
  • We certify that all test results meets the requirements of Huayi specification.
  • For use by qualified personnel only.
  • Care must be taken when handling this product.